Still Life project


Ever since I can remember, text has been my medium. I wrote at work, I wrote at home, I wrote mentally in my head every second. The text was my basic sign system.

After going through a series of traumatic events, I lost faith in the word. I have not been writing for several years. But the text was my drug, which means I felt cancellation syndrome very soon. The creative flow has been returned with time, but without words, this time with pictures. Now photography is my new kind of addiction to this world, an ideal way of perceiving it.

This project is the point at which my inner worlds intersected. There my love for avant-garde aesthetics was merged with the pain of loss, screaming in color. These bright but empty sheets of paper and colored spots of other office supplies («cancellarius» in Latin) are the cry of my soul, delirium, transformed from words into color, vibrant and piercing, like flashes of memory.